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As someone who has spent their entire life stubbornly refusing to accept the responsibility of becoming a licensed vehicle driver, I more often than not get myself from A to B via foot. Despite now finding myself on the wrong side of 30, I have no intention of learning to drive any time soon. It’s not something that interests me, and for any journey too far to walk, we have Uber. Why would anyone bother with a car?  What I enjoy most about my preferred method of transport is the opportunity to put on some music and get lost in my own thoughts. However, walking to and from work  over the past few years I now often reflect on what has become of a once vibrant and exciting suburb. It’s a little depressing, and I often feel a sense of loss as I walk past a boarded up business on a deserted shop. However those thoughts are quickly brought into perspective when I consider the people who lost far more that I did – the business owners. The innocent bystanders who had a lifetime of hard work stolen from them.  

Lockout Supporters often argue the impact on local business is nowhere near as severe . How on earth they can think that, I will never know. I’ve started putting a list together and will hopefully not be making any additions in the future, but will do so with a heavy heart if required. Feel free to contribute if I’ve missed anything, but for now here is the long list of businesses lost as a direct or indirect result of arguably the most illogical and misguided piece of legislation ever passed.

Image Credit & Copyright – “Fidel Pena (Bris)”

Last week I experienced the extreme displeasure of sharing a room with the worlds most loathed group of individuals outside of ISIS. I am of course referring to the motley crew of oddballs, outcasts and societies rejects who call themselves the “2011 Residents Association” – despite the fact they are generally disliked by most other locals and don’t actually represent the interests of the area. This is the mob of unhinged geriatrics who complain about anything and everything from the general noise of the suburb they chose to invade, laughing, singing, music, fun and children. Local rumours have also suggested they even indulge in arson and vandalism. Although those rumours do seem a bit of stretch, and they aren’t backed up by any evidence, I wouldn’t want my neighbours even thinking I was involved with such acts. And while I personally think the claims are absurd, I don’t think or speak for everyone. However something that is certainly not a rumour, (and was even caught on camera) is their disgusting and disrespectful performance at the taping of SBS’s The Feed. A shameful display, quite unbecoming of individuals of their vintage.

twitter – @suurelynot

I strongly believe City of Sydney Council should revoke their status as a recognised community organisation and will be letting them know via an email to (I would also cc as a courtesy)

Alternatively, you can join me at their next monthly meeting. They’re generally held on the first Monday of the month at the REX Centre on Macleay Street. I’ll be in attendance to offer my $0.02 and submit my membership and pay my annual fee. Perhaps it’s time for the younger generation of residents to find our voice and start taking ownership of our home.

Now don’t worry, I’m not going to waste my time of yours dedicating an article to a group of such low repute. But I must credit them with the inspiration for this post. Specifically, one of their so-called #teamorange Twitter warriors – The Joke Duke of Darlo Road This intriguing character was carrying on about not being able to use Google properly for himself to verify the claims regarding local area business closures. I’m always happy to lend a hand to those less fortunate than myself, so given it’s Easter Friday and nothing is open I decided to compile the list off the top of my head for him. Keep in mind this list is purely from my own recollection so if I’ve missed anything please do let me know in the comment section and I’ll update. Going forward we can all use this as a point of reference for when the topic comes up.

As a gesture of friendship and goodwill, the Duke decided to kindly compile a list of apparently 70 new businesses that have opened in the area, to prove… I’m not entirely sure. At the time of this posts publication he was counting backwards on Twitter, posting a collection of abstract photography that apparently showcases all the new businesses in the area. After about 10 of these treats I’d had enough for the night and decided to put my pal on mute, but at first glance it seems there are in fact a few new businesses in the area!

Business is booming! I think? Image credit (if that’s the right word here) – Twitter @2011Residents

However what our intrepid researcher doesn’t seem to realise is, when a new business opens, generally they are taking the place of one that closes. Such as his third example – Jangling JacksThere is definitely no arguing with the Duke here. Jangling Jacks is indeed a new venue. However there was a previous tenant, that obviously closed down to enable this exciting new venture – Bootleg Bar. Fairly self explanatory how it all works. But cheers for the help with my list, mate!

What is also fairly obvious to anyone with a basic understanding of local commerce is the balance is fairly lopsided between the old and the new. Large companies employing large number of staff have gone and are being replaced with far smaller operations, some of which appear to be a one man or woman shop. It’s definitely fantastic to see locals making the most of their opportunities and starting up new ventures. But this activity can not be used to justify the closure of so many others. It’s absurd to even suggest that.

Enough about that, if you would like to check out this yet to be completed list of exciting new 2011 businesses, it is currently being live tweeted at a snails pace. Riveting stuff.

RIP Hugos

Now as for the list, the following businesses were located in Kings Cross and surrounds, and were mostly thriving. Until the area was decimated in early 2014. They are now shut.

Bada Bing
Barrio Chino
Bayswater Rd Convenience Store
Beach Haus
Bootleg Bar
Buns & Balls
Café Boheme
Club 77
Club Bayswater
Crest Hotel
Dejavu Kings Cross
Geisha Haus
Global Brands (although let’s be honest, their “closing down sale” lasted years!)
Hugos Bar Pizza
Iguana Bar
Jimmy Liks
Little Square
New York Slice
No Vacancy
Piano Room
Prague Czech Beer Restaurant
Restaurant corner of Kings Cross Rd & Victoria St (name?)
Restaurant corner of Victoria & Craigend (where the Indian restaurant is now)
Santa Barbara
Sapphire Suite
Sin Citi
The Bank
The Californian
The Carlisle
The Passage
The Village
Ward Ave & Bayswater Rd Convenience Store
Whaat Club
White Rabbit
plus a few backpacker hostels whose names I’m unsure of

There’s your 40 covered with a tip on top, and that’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure there are some I’ve missed and I’ll update the list as people point them out! Outside of the area there are many more, including the following prominent closures –

Bar Century
La Cita
Q Bar
Taylor Square Newsagency
The Spice Cellar

You can include Bridge Street McDonalds to that list as well. A Maccas in the CBD closing down is unheard of! But even Ronald McDonald was no match for the nuclear bomb that was dropped on our local economy.

RIP Ronald

It’s fairly obvious a large number of businesses have been simply wiped out, with hundreds if not thousands of jobs disappearing with them. But unfortunately, the pain does not stop there. For there area still a great number of businesses, valiantly battling on and refusing to let a corrupt and irrational government destroy their dreams.  Some businesses are even thriving, despite the best efforts of sabotage by self interest groups, the rich bankers that call the shots, sanctimonious moral rulers and inept journalists who bring their entire industry into disrepute. 

To all the businesses that are keeping up the good fight, you deserve much better treatment. I urge all readers to head #supportyourlocal at any given opportunity. To the new businesses just getting started,  good luck and I wish you every success.



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