Alright people, the deadline for submissions regarding the review into the Liquor Amendment Act 2014 is upon us. They are due MONDAY. It is absolutely vital that anyone and everyone who wants to have the moronic lockout laws repealed or amended has their say.

15,000 plus people showed up to the Keep Sydney Open rally. Anything less than 15,000 submissions to this review is unacceptable. It’s great to see people engaged at any level, but the time has come for everyone to do their bit. Sharing a post or making a #casinomike meme is all well and good, but doesn’t really achieve anything other scoring a bunch of likes. If you actually want shit to change,it’s time to do more than the bare minimum.

Submissions are capped at 2,500 words so extremely manageable for everyone. The terms of reference are as follows –

1. The review will assess the impacts of the 1.30am lock out and 3am cessation of liquor sales requirements on:

a. alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour in the Sydney CBD Entertainment Precinct, Kings Cross Precinct, potential displacement areas, and the broader community;

b. safety and general amenity in the Sydney CBD Entertainment Precinct, Kings Cross Precinct, and potential displacement areas;

c. government, industry and community stakeholders, including business, financial and social impacts, and the impacts on patrons and residents (including whether venues continue to trade after 3am when alcohol service ceases).

2. The review will consider the positive and negative impacts of the 10pm takeaway liquor restriction across NSW, with particular regard to be had to the needs of rural and remote communities, and the social and economic impacts of the restriction on those communities.

3. The review will consider the impact of the periodic licensing system on business viability and vibrancy.

The background paper for the review –

For those who think the idea of writing a formal submission is a tad daunting, don’t fret. A lot of the work has already been done for you. There are dozens of articles out there for you to reference and collate information from. Here are a few to get you started –

(what, surely you didn’t think I wouldn’t be slipping in a shameless plug!)

If you would like to use crime stats you can find them all here –

You can also gain insight from the debate held by The Feed SBS recently –

And here is the official independent review from when Melbourne made the logical decision to scrap theirs after an unsuccessful trial. I strongly recommend giving it a read.

If you think it’s not worth the time or effort and the odds are stacked against us, think again. Ian Callinan QC is a reasonable person to lead the review. He has made rulings in the high court in favour of personal responsibility and venues and is a believer in liberty. I’d rather an independent firm such as KPMG, but I’m not upset about Callinans appointment.

So guys, if you haven’t already get cracking over the weekend. Whether you’re a business owner, hospitality worker or just a decent, normal and responsible adult who feels they should be treated accordingly, you need to submit a review and have your voice heard. I’ll finish with directions regarding the review, make sure yours abides by the terms. No loopholes, no avoiding the truth. The time for change is now, finally.

“Interested bodies and persons are invited to make concise written submissions, initially of no more than 2,500 words and including any links or references to relevant research, statistics and data. Attachments sent via e-mail must be in PDF format.

Submissions received may be published on the Liquor Law Review website after the closing date. If there are reasons to treat any submission or part of it as confidential, that should be made clear at the time it is lodged, along with reasons why.”

Oh, and PS – Happy Birthday Mike Baird!

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