The Grapevine

This writer was never previously one to get caught up in gossip and innuendo.When details of a juicy rumour or “scandal” involving a high profile celebrity, public figure, athlete, etc is going round I’m usually already yawning. Since the investigative pieces published by Surely Not started getting a bit more exposure than the small group of friends I’d force my rants upon, many an anonymous tip has been sent through .

Often they’re something I’m already aware of, other times they’re so crazy they might be true. Either way, I will admit I’ve been thoroughly entertained by some of the mail that’s been passed my way. So from this week onwards, I’ll be publishing a weekly or fortnightly round up of all the little tid-bits that I feel could be entertaining, a bit of a laugh or perhaps even have a bit of truth to them. Feel free to submit your own. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to join a few dots together!

Have had a couple of crackers come through in the last week or so, but keep in mind these are only rumours. Unsubstantiated, of course. As such no names will be named or anything like that. The last thing we’d want to do is suggest anything that was not true and potentially cause harm to an innocent person. Please keep that in mind with regard to your own contributions and discussions too.

If the private dining room walls at one exclusive Sydney eatery could talk, you can rest assured everyone would be listening. Word on the street is this classy little spot had quite the eventful weekend. A group was celebrating late Friday night, and rumour has it they celebrated in style. We all know that nobody actually needs to be out drinking past midnight. But hey, perhaps they just really wanted to be. And when it’s whispered that a kindly benefactor was picking up the $6,500 bill, why the hell wouldn’t you! Saturday night a was a somewhat more reserved and private affair. A much more intimate dinner took place between an influential scribe and his gracious hosts.

A lovely spot, but no instagramming of delicious meals took place unfortunately. To be quiet honest, I’m not surprised both events were very hush hush. But of course, that’s if they even took place at all!


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