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Counting the cost – A tale of two casinos – 17/8/2016 How one casino was granted taxpayer funded immunity, whilst another cashed in on an industry gouged of half a billion dollars.


Apologies for the late reply, I was too busy having a bit of respect – 8/8/2016 – My response to a trio of shame full articles published by Sean Nicholls in the Sydney Morning Herald, Caroline Marcus in the Daily Telegraph and Rachel Eddie in the Daily Mail.


Beware of Wowsers bearing gifts – 25/7/2016 – At first glance, recent remarks from prominent nanny-statists appear to indicate a softening their prohibitionist stances. A deeper look reveals this couldn’t be further from the truth.


Here at Surely Not you will find articles and investigative pieces covering current affairs, politics, community issues, sport and anything else that’s dominating the water cooler conversations around town. You will find angles and viewpoints that you often won’t see in the mainstream media. Far too often what you’ll see in the media is but a small portion of the full story. The media is not always just about keeping you fully informed  Agendas driven by personal belief, sanctimony and vested interest often try to influence the public. I’m not going to say we’re totally impartial either, but you can rest assured you’ll be getting a much broader look at the picture here. A pet hate is the use of manipulation and deception to influence public sentiment, here we cut through and dissect the bullshit.


Government funded temperance unit threatens to sue small-time blogger over probe into $115mil taxpayer grant – 12/7/2016 – An in-depth investigative piece on the usage of over $100 million in taxpayer funds has drawn the ire of it’s subjects. Their response – to threaten to small-time blogger with costly litigation.


You will also find the occasional tongue in cheek rant about current stories and issues floating around social media having been concocted and stirred up my the msm. Stories that you think are Surely Not News!?!  Those rants were the original inspiration for this site, having subjected Facebook pals to them for years. Trigger warning for the hyper sensitive – If you have a tendency to become deeply offended by innocuous comments, Surely Not News may not be place for you. Although if you enjoy seeking things to be outraged by, it probably is… But don’t say you weren’t warned or were misled! Personal responsibility is one of the few things we have total control over. Occasionally though, I’ll also try to generate some good out of the media absurdity. If some benefit can come out of bullshit, I’m happy to try to help.


wentyA buck each way on the last at Wenty Park – 7/7/2016 – Greyhound Racing to be banned in New South Wales, but is it really about animal welfare?

Articles may polarise. Be prepared to love the shit out of one particular article and absolutely hate the next one. We’re generally perched comfortably on the fence. The view is much better from there. Politically, I personally believe all the Right v Left business is narrow minded and ignores the full story. It’s foolish to blindly follow one ideology or political party without question. Surely nobody can truly believe in everything their chosen “side” says or does.  Besides, if you lean too far to the one side you’re only going to fall to the ground. Save the unwavering support, aggression and fierce rivalries for when you’re watching your footy team play or something.


Heads I win, Tails you lose – 29/4/16 – Barry O’Farrell’s offshore gambling review is an attack on the freedom of every single Australian. Spoiler alert – we all lose.

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Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children??!?! – 19/4/16 – Contributor Brian Venvoize on the absurdity and hysteria of ‘Lovejoy’s Law”


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